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Winterlicious is a food festival that runs during the first 2 weeks of February. The festival goes on throughout the city at participating restaurants. Some of Toronto’s top restaurants offer prix fixe menus with starters, entrées and desserts. The prices during the Winterlicious food festival range from $15, $20 or $30 for lunch and $25, $35 or $45 for dinner, with drinks and gratuity being extra.

This food festival promotion originally began in 2003 with 35 participating restaurants. The event was created to boost restaurant business in Toronto during a typically slow time of year. Winterlicious also helped Toronto recover from the tourism decline in 2003 that occurred from the SARS outbreak.

Summerlicious is a similar event that runs during the summer days of July. Both events have grown rapidly since they were first introduced in 2003. By 2009, Winterlicious had 150 participating restaurants.

The special events department of Toronto runs Winterlicious and selects which restaurants are allowed to participate. There are several standards each restaurant must meet if they are to be considered as part of the festival. Some of the requirements are certain pricing keeping with festival standards, a clean health inspection record, and good reviews from prominent Toronto restaurant review guides. Restaurant chains are normally only allowed to submit one location for consideration.

Winterlicious Prices

Participating Toronto?s restaurants offer three-course prix fixe menus at one of three price point categories:

$15 Lunch and/or $25 Dinner

$20 Lunch and/or $35 Dinner

$25 Lunch and/or $45 Dinner

Winterlicious Restaurant Locations

This winter food festival is held at various participating restaurants all over the city of Toronto. For a list of participating restaurants, visit Winterlicious?s official website

Winterlicious / WinterCity Video

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