October’s Featured Restaurant: Mengrai Gourmet Thai

With so many Thai restaurants in Toronto, it can be difficult to find an outstanding one. After scouring the internet in search of the best Thai place and dining at many, Mengrai has earned the spot for finest in Toronto.

The credit must go to Master Thai chef Sasi, who brings her creative and culinary skills into the kitchen to develop wonderful tastes and beautiful presentation onto the plate. This experienced chef has accepted countless accolades for her successful restaurants and flavour profiles, so it isn’t a surprise that Mengrai Gourmet Thai is a hit.

Entering the restaurant, you will have to walk up a few stairs and once you reach the top you might get shocked by the life sized statue of a traditionally dressed Thai woman. After you realize it’s only there for decorative purposes, you can calm down and appreciate the other ones scattered around too.

There are various spaces in the establishment which range from cozy tables for two, party sized round tables for more and a private-ish dining area in the back with comfortable banquette style seating. Exposed brick, low ceilings, green and orange coloured chandeliers generate a feeling of warmth.

Now, as far as the food goes, the menu has a wide selection of authentic foods and is vegetarian friendly. The appetizer mixed platter for two ($12) comes with 12 pieces which can be all vegetarian or half and half. There are hot and spicy curries as well as noodle dishes, not to mention the different types of steamed rice, coconut is delicious. It is safe to say a couple can enjoy an excellent meal (with a bottle of wine) for around $100. And, there are perks to paying with cash, %15 off your bill.

*Side note: reservations are recommended, although I didn’t make one, and after some hesitation from the host/server Donovan, a table was offered. It seemed as though it was an inconvenience for our server to wait on us, it didn’t feel as though he wanted to spend too much time answering our questions or even coming back to check on us. At the end of our meal we were presented with a bill that wasn’t even ours. I got the reaction that the service was lacking in comparison to the unmatched food; maybe that is something Mengrai should work at enhancing.

Mengrai Gourmet Thai
82 Ontario Street, Toronto, ON, M5A 2V3
(at NW corner of Richmond St E & Ontario, downtown Toronto),
416-840-2754 or 2759 (Reservation / Takeout),

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