Famous Toronto Landmark: the CN Tower

When I think of large cities, I automatically reference a landmark of that said place. For example, when I think of Chicago, I picture the John Hancock building, or the Willis Tower (formally known as the Sears Tower). If a French word catches my ear, the Eiffel Tower lights up in my brain, London: Big Ben, New York: the Statue of Liberty, etc.The point that I am trying to make here is that whenever I reflect on the beautiful city of Toronto, I imagine the CN Tower. Soaring at a height of 553.33 m (1,815 ft, 5 inches) ,the CN tower to me is the famous Toronto landmark.

Although residents of Toronto may not visit the CN Tower often, it is a huge tourist attraction. The building elevates to various levels, each featuring a different focal point. The breathtaking view at the Look Out Level, which is at a height of 346m (1,136’) is a perfect place to take pictures. Snapshots on the Glass Floor will definitely find a place in the family photo album as well.  The Sky Pod at the 447 metre (1465 ft.) level contributes a clear 360 degree view of Toronto, Lake Ontario, and close districts. The charm of the famous Toronto landmark doesn’t stop on these levels of the CN Tower.

Plenty of stores, cafes, bars and restaurants are scattered inside the building as well. Although the time it takes for the 360 Restaurant to revolve once is only 72 minutes that time can be better spent elsewhere in the building. Having dined at the 360 Restaurant the night my husband proposed to me would have been spectacular, considering the view, the layout and the décor of the place. However, the food didn’t surpass the standards I had put on such a lovely place. My advice would be to have dinner at home, and go to the bar in the CN Tower instead. The terrible dinner will not be the deal breaker, nor will it change my perceptions of this famous Toronto landmark. Hopefully, the chefs would reconsider their set of choices, adding some entrees with ingredients that actually complement one another. And if they do happen to take my recommendation, adding some Vegetarian options can only escalate a new menu.  Nevertheless, the CN Tower still has a lot to offer and is a place that is very dear to me, and a must see for visitors.

Here are some pictures I took of the CN Tower

famous toronto landmark

cn tower

famous toronto landmark

kid pointing at cn tower


famous toronto landmark

cn tower toronto famous landmark

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