CN Tower

CN Tower
CN Tower
301 Front Street West
Toronto, Ontario M5V 2T6

The CN Tower is located in the heart of Downtown Toronto between the Rogers Centre (SkyDome) and the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on Front Street. At a height of 553.33m (1,815 ft., 5 inches), the tower is the centre of tourism in Toronto and Canada?s most recognizable icon.

The CN Tower became the tallest free standing structure in the world while still under construction, when it surpassed the height of the Ostankino Tower located in Moscow, Russia in 1975. The CN Tower held the title of tallest free-standing structure in the world for the next 31 years until the Burj Khalifa (formerly known as Burj Dubai) surpassed its height on September 12, 2007 while still being constructed.

It remains the tallest free-standing structure in the Americas, the signature icon of Toronto’s skyline, the 2nd tallest building in the world and a symbol of Canada, attracting more than two million international visitors annually.

Construction of the CN Tower started on started on February 6, 1973 and took 40 months to complete. On June 26, 1976, the tower was finally opened for the public to visit.

Below is a list of CN Tower Attractions.

CN Tower Main Attractions

There are several fun things to do oustide and inside of the tower once you are there. Here are some of the main attractions that the CN Tower offers.

Cn Tower Glass FloorGlass Floor

Test your courage with a view of 1,122 ft straight down. Even if you?re not afraid of heights, this will surely test your nerves. The Glass Floor has been specifically designed for you to have fun on it. That means you can walk or crawl across it, sit on it or even jump on it.

The floor is 256 square feet of solid glass that is five times stronger than the required weight bearing standard for commercial floors. It can actually withstand the weight of 14 large hippos.

Cn Tower Sky PodSky Pod

The CN Tower?s Sky Pod is one of the tallest observation decks in the world. To get to the Sky Pod, you will need to take another elevator once you have gotten out of the main elevator. The Sky Pod elevator will take you up another incredible 33 storey?s. You may have thought you were high enough after the first elevator, but you thought wrong!

At its peak, the Sky Pod is 447 metres (1465 ft.) high. From the top you will see an awe-inspiring 360 degree unobstructed view of Toronto, Lake Ontario, and surrounding region. Visibility is over 160 kilometres (one hundred miles), and on a clear day it’s not unusual to see Niagara Falls or Rochester, New York.

The Look Out

After a 58 second elevator ride, you will find yourself at a height of 346m (1,136?). The Look Out level offers breathtaking views and Horizons. Also located on this level is one of many souvenir photo opportunities.

One level down you will find not only the Glass Floor but the Outdoor Observation level. Feel the breeze at 342m (1,122?) above the ground.

High Speed Elevators

The CN Tower Elevators travel upwards at 22 kilometres (15 miles) per hour! They are also constructed with glass side panels so that you can enjoy the view on the way up. You better make that view quick as you will be at the top in 58 seconds!

On April 9, 2008, the CN Tower introduced North America’s first and the world’s highest glass floor paneled elevators. Three glass-fronted elevators now offer a thrilling new perspective on the view 346m (1,136 ft) straight down through two glass panels in a portion of each elevator floor. Combined these two panels represent almost 6ft2 of the total 39.25ft2 of elevator floor space.

Night Lighting

The CN Tower?s lighting system is designed to architecturally enhance the CN Tower structure from bottom to top, providing elegant night time illumination honouring the legacy of this national icon and landmark.

The CN Tower installed an intelligent LED illumination system that is energy efficient, cost efficient and provides a number of added unique benefits which includes Millions of colours, infinite effects, directional lighting and low maintenance. This means the tower can control the colour and effects it chooses to illuminate at night. The CN Tower will illuminate different colours based on holidays and special occasions.

The 360 Restaurant

Right on the top of the CN Tower is the 360 revolving restaurant. Enjoy the magnificent revolving view of Toronto more than 351 metres (1,151 ft) up in the sky. Elevation is complimentary with the purchase of a main course.

The 360 restaurant offers market-fresh cuisine, featuring regional ingredients to ensure an incomparable culinary experience.

CN Tower Interesting Facts

- The CN Tower was built by the Canadian National Railway
- At 181 storeys, 553.33m (1,815 ft., 5 in.) it is the world’s 2nd tallest building and free-standing structure
- At the base of the CN Tower: * Circumference – 109.1m (358ft.) * Radius – 33.2m (109.2 ft.) * Diameter – 66.6m (218.4 ft.)
- Located at a: * latitude of 43 degrees 28 mins 36 sec North * longitude of 79 degrees 23 mins 15 sec West
- Opened to the public on June 26, 1976
- Official opening on October 1, 1976
- Attendance: about 2 million per year
- Lightning strikes the CN Tower an average of 75 times per year
- Long copper strips run down the CN Tower to grounding rods buried below ground to prevent damage from ligthning.
- The CN Tower dims unnecessary exterior lights during bird migration seasons to prevent bird injuries.
- On April 2, 1975, onlookers gazed up in amazement as a giant Erickson Air-crane Silorsky helicopter placed the final piece of the CN Tower’s antenna into place, officially making it the world’s tallest building.

Height of

- Glass Floor – 113 storeys – 342m (1,122ft.)
- Look Out Level – 114 storeys- 346m (1,136ft.)
- Sky Pod – 147 storeys- 447m (1,465ft.)

Pricing / Cost

- Original cost: 63 million
- Adjusted cost (1999 dollars): 260 million


- Construction started on February 6, 1973
- Total construction time: 40 months
- Tower sphere construction (middle portion) started on August 1974
- Antenna construction started on March 1975
- Construction of The Tower was completed on February 22, 1974, and the antenna was completed on April 2, 1975
- Number of construction workers: 1,537 toiled 5 days a week, 24 hours a day to build the CN Tower.
- Total weight of the Tower: 117,910 metric tonnes (130,000 tons)
- Volume of concrete: 40,523.8 cubic metres (53,000 cubic yards)
- Tensioned steel: 128.7km (80 miles)
- Reinforcing steel: 4,535 metric tonnes (5,000 tons)
- Structural steel: 544.2 metric tonnes (600 tons)
- The CN Tower was built to withstand an earthquake of 8.5 on the Richter scale (the Kobe earthquake in 1995 was 7.2 on the Richter scale). The upper reaches of the CN Tower were built to withstand winds up to 418 km/h (260 mph).

Wind Factor

Maximum sway in 190 km/h winds with 320 km/h gusts (120 mph winds with 200 mph gusts):

- Antenna: 6 ft., 8 in. from centre
- Sky Pod: 3 ft., 4 in. from centre
- Tower Sphere: 1 ft., 7 in. from centre


- Number of elevators: 6 (including 2 which officially opened March 20, 1997)
- Speed of elevators: 6 metres/second (20 feet/second)
- Slow speed of elevators (in high winds): 1.5 metres/second (5 feet/second)
- Six glass-faced elevators travel at 22 km/hour (15 miles/hour) to reach the observation deck in 58 seconds.


- Total staff (off season): approximately 400
- Total staff (peak season): approximately 550

Windows and Floors

- Windows: Double-pane armour-plated
- Thickness of windows: Outer pane – 9.5 mm (3/8 inch), inner pane – 6.4 mm (1/4 inch)
- Glass Floor was opened on June 26, 1994
- Thickness of The Glass Floor: 2 1/2 “. Layers, from the top down: * 3/16″ scuff plate (replaced annually) * Two 1/2″ layers of clear tempered glass, laminated together * A one inch layer of air (for insulation) * Two 1/4″ layers of clear tempered glass, laminated together * Size of each panel: 42″ by 50″ * Load tests are performed annually on each panel to ensure safety.
- The CN Tower’s Glass Floor was the first of its kind when it was opened in June 1994. It is 23.8 square meters (256 sq. ft.) of solid glass and 5 times stronger than the required weight-bearing standard for commercial floors. If 14 large hippos could fit in the elevator and get up to the Observation Deck, the Glass Floor could withstand their weight.

360 Restaurant Facts

- 360 Restaurant was opened on April 25, 1995
- The Wine Cellar in 360 Restaurant was opened on May 13, 1997
- Capacity of 360, The Restaurant at the Tower: 400 people
- Time for 360 Restaurant to revolve once: 72 minutes
- Capacity of Horizons Café: 500 people

Media / Entertainment

- The opening of the million entertainment expansion, which was completed in nine months, took place on June 26, 1998
- Broadcast Facilities: UHF, VHF Television; FM Radio; Microwave Transmissions; Fixed Mobile Systems
- Companies that broadcast from the Tower: § CBC Channel 5 & 25, CFMT 47, CFTO 9, City 57, Global/CIII 41, TV Ontario 19, LOOK Communications (Digital), CHFI/Rogers, CFNY FM, CHIN FM, CHUM FM, CILQ FM, CJEZ FM, CJRT FM, CKFM FM, Bell Canada, Cantel, Motorola, TTC

Other Height Records

Since the construction of the tower had been completed, it has gained several other world height records. It?s hard to determine if the tower actually holds world records in these categories, however it is among the record holders in the world.

World’s highest public observation gallery – Sky Pod 447 metres (1,470 ft)
World’s highest bar Horizons Restaurant – 346 metres (1,140 ft)
World’s longest metal staircase – CN Tower 2,579 steps
World’s highest glass floor – CN Tower 342 metres (1,120 ft)
World’s highest and largest revolving restaurant – 360 Restaurant 351 metres (1,150 ft)
World’s highest wine cellar – 360 Restaurant 351 metres (1,150 ft)

CN Tower Hours of Operation

The CN Tower is open 364 days a year (closed on Christmas Day). Hours of Operation are adjusted seasonally. Please call (416) 86-TOWER to confirm the hours for the date of your visit or visit the CN Tower Website and select the ?Plan Your Visit?, then ?Hours? on the navigation bar and select the season you are looking for.

Directions and Map to the CN Tower

By Car

From the South or West: Follow the QEW into Toronto, where it turns into the Gardiner Expressway. Exit onto Spadina Ave. North and turn right onto Bremner Blvd.

From the East: Take Highway 401 into Toronto and exit onto the Don Valley Parkway Southbound. As you approach Downtown, this will turn into the Gardiner Expressway. Exit at Spadina Ave. North and turn right onto Bremner Blvd.

From the North: Take Highway 400 into Toronto, exiting onto Highway 401 West. Continue until you reach Highway 427 southbound. Follow Highway 427 to downtown via the QEW/Gardiner Expressway. Exit onto Spadina Ave. North and turn right onto Bremner Blvd.

From within the Greater Toronto Area: Drive to Front Street or Bremner Blvd. We’re in the Entertainment District, so there’s plenty of parking around. See the map below for details.

By Subway

Hope on the subway and your ultimate destination is Union Station which is on the Yonge / Yellow line. From there, the Tower is a short walk west along Front Street, or a 5 minute indoor covered stroll along the SkyWalk.

By Bus

Check with the Toronto Transit Commission for details on bus route information: (416)-393-INFO

Map of CN Tower Location

Video of the CN Tower

Contact the CN Tower

Email : web_cntower at
Phone: (416) 868-6937
Fax: (416) 601-4722

Reservations for 360 (416) 362-5411

Specific Contacts Group Sales:

Tour & Travel Group Dining (416) 601-3792
Tour & Travel Group Attractions (416) 601-4707
Toll free in US and Canada 1-888-684-3268 or1-88-TO-THE-CNT
Fax us (416) 601-4712 Email us sales at

Corporate & Association/Convention Sales

Corporate & Association/Convention (416) 601-4718
Fax us (416) 601-4712 Email us sales at

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