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Canada's Wonderland
Canada’s Wonderland
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Canada’s Wonderland is Canada’s premier theme park. The park is 330-acres (1.3 km2) of land located in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada which is within the Greater Toronto Area. Canada?s wonderland is open seasonally from May to October and contains more than 200 attractions including over 65 rides. The park hosts more than 3 million guests annually and employs over 4,000 seasonal employees and 160 year-round employees

Canada’s Wonderland opened in 1981 and was Canada’s first major theme park. The park was formerly known as Paramount Canada?s Wonderland from 1994 to 2006 when it was owned by Paramount Parks. It sold to Cedar Fair in 2007 and was reverted back to its original name of Canada?s Wonderland.

It was designed by Landscape Architects Richard Strong and Associates and structurally engineered by O.T. Baggio and Associates Professional Engineers. Canada’s Wonderland was the most attended seasonal theme park in North America in 2005 and 2006. In 2006, attendance was just over 3.2 million. Notably, with 15 roller coasters, the park holds the record for the most roller coasters in one park outside of the United States.

Canada’s Wonderland Facts

Construction began in June 1979 when William Davis, then Premier of Ontario, pushed a plunger in downtown Toronto touching off the first blast at Canada’s Wonderland in Vaughan. The peak construction period occurred in 1980 with 700 trades people, 12 architectural and engineering firms and 40 inspectors working on the enterprise.

Canada’s Wonderland opened to the public on May 23, 1981, William Davis and Dudely Taft, President of Taft Broadcasting Co., were among the notables attending an elaborate opening ceremony for Canada’s first national theme park. The ceremony included 10,000 helium balloons, 13 parachutists, 350 white doves, a pipe band and 4 children representing the Arctic, Pacific, Atlantic, and Great Lakes regions of Canada.

The 300 plus acre site in Vaughan, Ontario was selected for its proximity to Toronto. The area’s large population base and easy accessibility, particularly via Highways 401 and 400, were two other factors determining the location.

Canada’s Wonderland Rollercoaster?s

Behemoth at Canada's Biggest Roller CoasterBehemoth

Canada’s biggest, fastest & tallest coaster ever, This adrenaline pumping coaster will have you clinging to the edge of your seat as it takes you up 230 feet and then sends you speeding down at a 75 degree angle of descent with speeds reaching 125km/hour! With open air seating, and a track length of 5,318 feet, this ride is sure to thrill roller coaster enthusiasts everywhere!

The Bat

The Bat

On The Bat, riders are pulled backwards and launched through an unyielding corkscrew and a breathtaking loop. After one trip through The Bat’s intense, tight track, riders have little time to catch their breath when The Bat climbs its second launch to take riders through one more time – Backwards!



On Vortex, riders will enjoy the thrills of Canada’s first suspended roller coaster. This steel coaster plunges over Wonder Mountain, reaching speeds of 90km/h. Vortex’s invisible track drives riders through unrelenting turns, swooping, diving and plunging over a scenic waterscape.


Mighty Canadian Mindbuster

The Mighty Canadian Minebuster is the largest and longest wooden coaster in Canada. Its immense wooden track is full of side-winding turns, stomach lifting camel humps and breath-taking drops. The Minebuster reaches astounding speeds of more than 90km/h on its 4000 feet of serpentine designed track.

Flight Deck (Formerly known as Top Gun)

Flight Deck is Canada’s only inverted looping jet coaster. This mega coaster simulates flight with speeds of 90km/h, exhilarating 90-degree vertical climbs, barrel rolls, inverted wing loopovers, a 270-degree after burn and a complete snap roll over. Riders take flight in a fully open cockpit suspended beneath the coaster’s steel track as the sky races below.

Drop Tower (Drop Zone)

On Drop Tower, riders sit on a high-speed transport lift that travels over 16 feet per second, 230 feet in the air. At the top of the tower, guests have but moments to take in the panoramic view of the Park before it registers that what goes up must come down. Free falling at more than 100km/h, 23 stories flash by as the ground races up and catches riders in a silent, smooth stop.

Time Warp (Formerly known as Tomb Raider)

Wonderland introduces Canada’s only FLYING COASTER — enjoy the thrills of a rollercoaster while experiencing the sensation of flying. On this roller coaster you are lying down on your stomach. Be sure to empty your pockets as your stuff may come flying out!


On SkyRider, riders soar through loops, sharp bank curves and a side-winding helix while standing up! This coaster takes all of the classic elements of a steel coaster and adds the intensity and freedom of a new point of view.

Back Lot Stunt Coaster (Formerly known as The Italian Job)

On the Back Lot Stunt Coaster, riders experience what it is like to be a stunt car driver as their car races out onto the track. Drivers twist through a parking garage, dodge near collisions, race down stairs, chase through tunnels and narrowly escape massive explosions triggered by gunfire from a helicopter.

Dragon Fire

On Dragon Fire, unrelenting speed and loops are just some this coaster’s tricks. This immense steel coaster hurls riders through two 360-degree loops, a full corkscrew and a side-winding helix.

Jet Scream

Jet Scream is a looping starship that takes riders through unparalleled moments of zero gravity. While riders are orbiting 360-degrees, they will catch sensational hang time, 100-feet in the air.

Night Mares

You’ll be tilted 90-degrees, while spinning through stomach teasing loops ? Standing up!


On Psyclone, in the Action Zone, catch some gravity defying hang time on the most powerful pendulum on the planet! Daring thrill-seekers will rock 120-feet in the air, while spinning on a giant, sky teasing disc.

Riptide (Formerly known as Cliffhanger)

Riptide is Wonderland’s super swing with attitude and altitude! Riptide takes passengers through snap rollovers and unyielding 360-degree twists and turns as they are propelled through moments of zero gravity and an inescapable wall of water. Riptide is the ultimate experience for thrill seekers who think they have done it all.


Get set for the sensation of flying as Shockwave’s twisted force and spinning power, boosts riders 70-feet in the air, while rotating and looping 360-degrees! Immense speed, immense force, Shockwave will leave thrill seekers awed by its arsenal of tangled tricks

Sledge Hammer

Sledge Hammer is a menacing, mechanical giant, cutting the skyline at an awesome 80-feet in the air. Its massive power will hurl riders through accelerated jumps and freefalls. Sledge Hammer – A monstrous thrill that will leave white-knuckled riders screaming for more!

Thunder Run

Take a wild trip through Wonder Mountain. This themed runaway mine train coaster weaves riders through the depths of Wonder Mountain and out and over the scenic sights of Wonderland.

Wild Beast

Get set to ride the banks and jump the humps on this massive serpentine designed wooden coaster. With more than 3000 feet of track, this wildcat wooden roller coaster reaches maximum speeds through a never-ending stretch of camel humps and hairpin turns.

Directions and Map to Canada’s Wonderland

General Directions – Canada’s Wonderland is located just minutes north of Toronto off Highway 400, just 10 minutes north of Highway 401. Exit Rutherford Rd. if heading north or south on Highway 400.

Public Transit – By Public Transit the Wonderland Express “GO” Buses run regularly from Yorkdale and York Mills subway stations. Schedule operates throughout the day and evening through closing. York Region Transit offers several routes to Canada’s Wonderland. YRT Routes 4 and 20, as well as TTC Route 165A operate directly into the park. For more YRT route and schedule information, please visit the YRT/Viva website.

Map of Canada’s Wonderland Location

Video of Canada’s Wonderland Biggest Ride

This is a first person video of biggest roller coaster at Canada’s Wonderland, the Behemoth

Contact Canadas Wonderland

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