Brassaii Lounge – Review

If you like feeling like a sardine, then by all means, Brassaii Lounge might be for you. However, if you like going to a place where you can actually dance without being bumped into, by what it feels like a billion people, then you should just skip Brassaii. It is located in a very trendy neighborhood, at 461 King St. W. in Toronto, but I am sure there are better spots to spend Saturday nights at. 

I went there last Saturday night with a group of 13 people for a friend’s birthday. I was excited about going to this place after hearing about it, and since the weather that night was so nice. We arrive at Brassaii Lounge, only to find a line so long it almost reached the street. “Exclusivity,” I thought. The procession wouldn’t move. There was a group of about 4 people who got so fed up with the wait, they decided to ditch Brassaii Lounge and head over across the street to some other place. We had no choice, it was our friend’s day, and this is where he wanted to stay. While we stood there I watched the bouncers let in parties of 4 or 5, mostly the groups with highly groomed gals and guys. Now, this is not to say that the people I was with were unattractive, it was the opposite, we are a group of young, good looking professionals (tooting). Nonetheless, the only way we were let in (almost forty minutes later) was by making a commitment to order TWO bottles.

Now, I am not opposed to bottle service, I actually prefer it, but all the factors must add up. If I am dropping hundreds of dollars on one night in a lounge or club, I expect to have a damn good time. I want to be able to spot my waitress from afar, so I don’t have to keep making runs to the bar. I need to have some kind of space around my table so that I can shimmy and shake to the music. All these things are prerequisites when it comes to ordering bottle service.

The fact that Brassaii Lounge offered NONE of these features left me feeling like exiting the premises immediately. Sure, the music was decent, like most places, but that wasn’t sufficient. To me, the reclaimed industrial layout of the lounge was overlooked by the overcrowded aspect. I am sure Brassaii would make for a good restaurant, as the seating and design of the venue is amusing, but that isn’t why I visited.

As I stood on the floor trying to dance, I kept getting hit, shoved, and pushed by packs of people. And if that wasn’t enough to make me leave, the line in the bathroom swirled around the lounge and almost out the door. Seeing this, I wasn’t sure what the hype about Brassaii was all about. It was jam-packed, the service was slow, the bouncers were biased, and the bathrooms were beyond filthy. My husband and I lasted one drink; we ended up waiting in line longer than we stayed at the lounge. Both our experiences outside the joint and inside were intolerable. Needless to say, I will not return to Brassaii Lounge on a Saturday night again, not even if I were paid to do so. 

Am I the only one with a bad experience at Brassaii Lounge?

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