With a Stroke of a Pen, Claim Your Life Book Review

If you have ever wondered how you would deal with the sudden loss of a loved one, then this is a must read book for you. In her new book With a Stroke of a Pen, Claim Your Life, Jane Blaufus talks about the sudden loss of her husband, an event that changed the course of her and her daughters life.

With a Stroke of a Pen, Claim Your Life speaks to the importance of being prepared. As scary as it sounds to think about it, a tragic accident can happen to anybody. Jane is open with her feelings in the book and discusses the days, weeks & months following her husbands death. This read makes you, the reader, want to better prepare for your own family’s future. Jane has spent years working in the financial planning industry and her book is full of practical tips, advice and exercises.

Jane’s website JaneBlaufus.com, discusses the importance of having courageous conversations with your family. The book and website has inspired & helped me discuss this topic with my loved ones so that we are secure and better prepared in the future.

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