Best hair salons in Scarborough: Salon Jean Nicola

Jean Saliba, founder of Salon Jean Nicola has close to 20 years of experiences with scissors and curler sets. He opens his salon for clients from everywhere, welcoming them once they enter.
best hair salon in scarborough
His knowledge is only enhanced by his passion for hair, which shines through your visit there. From wash, cut to style, Jean listens to what the customer wants and does a remarkable job.

This rather cozy house-turned salon doesn’t only specialize in hair, but is fully functioning spa. So whether you are in need of a massage, mani, pedi or more, the staff at Salon Jean Nicola are there to provide you with a day of relaxation. They are proud to supply their highly trained specialists to serve you.

Color treatments, hair extensions, perms, facials, massages, cuts for kids and men are booked daily. Salon Jean Nicola is happy to accommodate all special occasion requests, such as weddings, proms, or whatever.

Making appointments can easily be done online, just enter your information correctly since reservations are mostly confirmed via email.

Jean Nicola Salon and Spa is located at 2221 Kennedy Rd, Scarborough, Ontario. 416.293.5999 Click here for their website.

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