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Add your business to Searching Toronto’s directory and enjoy some added online exposure for your business. Our directory features several search engine friendly features that are designed to attract qualified leads through Google and other engines to your Searching Toronto business listing page. We allow you to customize your listing with several options and features which are listed below. The best part is Searching Toronto is 100% Free and you have nothing to lose!

Features Business Directory

  • Search Engine Friendly: Our site has been designed by Search Engine Experts in order to give your business listing added exposure online
  • Google Maps: Your business listing will have a map of its location embedded on the page
  • Street View: Your listing will have a panoramic image of your location, so that visitors can view the surrounding area and check things such as what side of the street you?re on, is there parking available and what major landmarks are in your area, making you easier to locate!
  • Youtube Videos: If you have a video of your product or service available, you may add this video to your business listing.
  • Multiple Categories: You are allowed admission into 3 different categories.
  • Multiple Images: Add up to 5 images
  • Multiple Offers: Add coupons and promotions for visitors to download!
  • Multiple Documents: Add other relevant documents you may find necessary such as a restaurant menu
  • Email a friend: Allows visitors to email their friends about you
  • Print Page: Allows visitors to easily print your business information
  • PDF File: Allows visitors to download your business information in a PDF format
  • And much more?..

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